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Provide future security
of your loved ones.

Whether you need a simple will or a sophisticated trust, we can assist you with your estate planning needs. With our knowledge of Taxation laws, we are capable of advising you on a number of related tax issues in regards to your estate plan.


Providing for the security of your family and loved ones is very important considering today’s economy. Let us help you provide a secure future for the ones you love and give you a peace of mind.

What is Estate Planning?
Estate Planning determines what happens to your assets if you pass away or are unable to make decisions for yourself. They include Wills, Trusts, Life Insurance, Power or Attorney and Beneficiary forms.  Having an estate plan is a sure way to ease that struggle and make sure your assets go where they belong quickly. 

Understanding Wills & Trusts

A Will is created and is to be carried out after someone has died vs. Living Will is what someone would want while they are still living and unable to care for themselves. Living Trusts are more asset focused which state wishes for your property.


A Will must also be filed with the courts after someone has deceased to prevent probate issues.  It goes into effect after death and dictates who will receive your property and assets.

A Trust is a legal arrangement where a “trustee” manages and holds title to your assets and property and distributes income to the beneficiaries that you select. It goes into effect as soon as its signed and allows you to transfer property and assets while you are still alive.  There is no requirement to file a trust so they remain private and only known to those involved.

Power of attorney forms can be confusing,
We're here to answer questions and find solutions.

General POA
Durable POA
Real Estate POA 
Healthcare POA
Business POA
You are never too young to have your assets protected and the people you love cared for. 

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